• Cash sale customers are known as ONETIME customers
  • Customer: Our internal account number
    1. Trade/ commercial account numbers start with 2900
    2. Onetime Briscoes account number is 10000001
    3. Onetime Rebel account number is 10000003
  • Customer PO: The customer’s order reference. If no reference is provided we use their full name. 
  • Delivery #: Our internal reference to the order. This is the information we need to investigate an existing order.
     Starts with 810…
  • Customer, Customer PO & Delivery # references can be found under CUSTOMER: on any quote, picking slip, consignment note or invoice.
  • Commercial Invoice # starts with 41…
    1. In store invoice # start with the store number i.e. 8010 followed by 12 digit number
  • Web/Online account numbers start with 500…
  • Trade/ commercial accounts cannot be used for online/web orders.
  • Small gift voucher orders are dealt with by the customer’s local store, large/bulk orders are dealt with by Angela Gunton.